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~*In Search for Feathers*~ [entries|friends|calendar]

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[28 Aug 2006|04:54pm]

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Syaoran Bio. [02 Sep 2004|11:12pm]


And following Sakura's info I guess I'll do Syaoran's.

Name : Syaoran

Origin : Cardcaptor Sakura

Age : 16

Hair : Chocolate Brown

Eyes : Amber

Height : Shortest of the three

Kudan : Fire Wolf

Home World : Unknown but calls Clow Kingdom his home.

Sacrifice : Relationship / Love

Job : Archeologist, trying to dig up Clow Kingdom's past.

Dream : Follow in his father's footsteps and protect the one most precious to him. ( Sakura )

Weakness : His own doubts and insecurities about his abilities to protect Sakura.

Personality : Syaoran is a lot calmer then his CCS counterpart and holds an air of maturity. He's still a kind hearted boy inside and seems to get along with most people and creatures. He seems to be the most mature of the three and also the purest of heart, since he has no blood or lives staining his past. His only goal and motivation is to save Sakura, and find her memories, willing to do whatever it takes to do so.

He is serious and direct, not side-stepping his answers and acts like he has nothing to hide, unlike the other two. Though he is mature, Syaoran tends to be hot headed when others are in trouble and rushes into danger without thinking.

He has a tendency to think about Clow Kingdom every so often, which makes him depressed but soon gets over it, re-directing his attention to the mission at hand. All in all, Syaoran has a strong heart and will do anything for those he cares for.

Past / History : Unknown.

Most precious : Sakura.

Fairytale : As the first chapter states, Syaoran is Sakura's soulmate and visa versa. These two were meant for each other and need to be with one another, to control Sakura's power and to also be happy. It is obvious these two care for each other very much, as childhood friends and something more.

Unlike the old CCS story, instead of Syaoran always trying to confess his feelings, the roles are reversed, so Sakura is the one who tries to tell him she likes him. Unfortunately before she could, her memories were stolen and so now Syaoran is on a quest to save her life.

But not only Sakura's feelings are apparent. Syaoran has openly admitted that Sakura is his most precious person and would even risk not being apart of her life, to make sure she lived. It is evident how much he loved her, when he gave up his role in Sakura's life, to make sure she survived, though she was the one most important to him and throughout the manga, his care and devotion shine through.

Right now in the story, their fate is unsettled, since they are soulmates, yet Sakura will have no memory of him if she awakens. What will happen to these two star-crossed lovers? And will Syaoran be able to save her before it's too late?

Dearest family : Syaoran's Father.

Memories: Syaoran and his father traveled to Clow Kingdom, seven years before the present time. He was an archeologist and dreamed of uncovering the secret past of Clow, that was buried under the sand. Sadly he died before his dream was fulfilled and his son took over, where he left off and works to accomplish his father's goal.

Syaoran loved his dad dearly and has a habit of pulling out a framed photo of his Otousan and talking to it. Though it is probably sad for him to do so, Syaoran seems to understand that his father is in a better place and accepts his death.

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I guess I'll do Sakura's info... [22 Aug 2004|04:25pm]

[ mood | blah ]

NAME: Sakura
POSITION: Princess of Clow, Syaoran's love intrest
AGE: Unknown, proably between 13 and 16.
HAIR: Reddish-brown
EYES: Green
FAMILY: brother Tôya, the king

Sakura is an outgoing young lady who has mysterious powers. She looses her memory (which is in the form of feathers) during a strange incident at an archiological dig, where she was bringing lunch to Syaoran. After her memory-feathers fly away to other worlds, Syaoran is sent to the home of the space-time witch, Yûko, by the magician Yukito.

That's all I know right now, but I'll post more when the second book comes to my local bookstore.

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Character profile: Syaoran (Kinomoto) [12 Jul 2004|02:24pm]

Syaoran is the hero in the series of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. He was an orphan at a young age in an unmentioned country when he was badly injured, he was adopted by Fujitaka (Kinomoto). Fujitaka realised that the young child has lost all of his memories, he cared for Syaoran like his own son. Syaoran paid Fujitaka great respect and treated him as his father, but there was still a dark side in him. They experienced a lot of adventures together since Fujitaka was a philosopher. Fujitaka brought Syaoran with him to the Clow Kingdom to find out more about the remains of the historic buildings. The emperor, Reed Clow, accepted them and learned about the troubles that the young boy has suffered. The emperor introduced him to the young princess, Sakura Clow, who was a kind-hearted little girl. Sakura tried to let Syaoran lose his unhappy self and she tells him that he should start to build up happy memories with her. They became good friends and it was then that Syaoran learned to smile. Fujitaka died, not being able to finish working on the remains, thinking that he was a fortunate man. Syaoran decided to carry on his father's ideals. Sakura slowly became the most important person in Syaoran's life. They started to develop love between the two, neither told the other of their feelings. Syaoran was hindered by the fact that Sakura was a princess, not knowing how she felt about himself so he did not want to tell her. He was aware that Touya did not let Sakura be with himself, so he gave up his thoughts for her. The two grow up, there are less chances for them to meet each other since Syaoran needs to work in order to make a living. Sakura finds all the chances to meet Syaoran. One day, Sakura brings lunch to where Syaoran works. Sakura loses her feathers on her wings while Syaoran saves her from being kidnapped by the unknown man who wants the powers of Sakura. Syaoran decides to save the dying Sakura, whatever he has to do. Yukito sends Syaoran and Sakura to a witch, Yuuko, who is able to make dreams come true if she receives things in return. Two other men
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An introduction [02 Apr 2004|03:21pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is the new series by Clamp with lots of characters from their past works. The hero is Syaoran and the heroin is Sakura. Meiling is still ignored from the entire manga.

Sakura is the princess of the country of Clow, Clow Reed is Sakura's father, Syaoran came to the country with his father, turned out to be Sakura's father in CCS, for his job as a philosopher. Syaoran met Sakura when he was very young and is her best of friend. Syaoran's father later died, so he has to make his own living as a philosopher, to continue his father's will.

One day, Syaoran is at work, Syaoran finds out that there is a strange symbol at something he is looking at. Sakura comes along with a packed lunch, planning to express her feelings to Syaoran. She notices the symbol and recognises it from the dream she had. Suddenly, Sakura loses her senses and a pair of wings stretches out from her back, an opening opens to let her in, Syaoran tries to save Sakura, but she is already nearly drawn in. He jumps and pulls her out, her wings break apart and are lost. Someone is trying to kidnap Sakura to get the powers of her wings, the powers are unclear, but they point the direction of something unknown. Syaoran brings her out and sees Yukito, a fortune-teller with great powers, He knows that each feather of the pair of wings contains a fraction of her memories, without her memories, she would die. The feathers are spread to different worlds. Yukito sends him to another world to a witch to try and save the princess' life. Syaoran has to go to different worlds to save her life.

In another world, Fye D. Flourite wants to escape from the king of his world, he leaves his creature, Chii, there to inform him when the king awakes again. Then he sends himself to the witch for help.

In Japan yet another world, Kurogane, a samurai, kills everyone who tries to break into the palace. The princess, Tomoyo, summons him to her. She dislikes him for killing people, so she puts a spell on him, when he kills one person, his powers would decrease. She then sends him to the witch to meet others who fight for different purposes, to let him learn.

The three, or four (including the unconcious Sakura) see the witch. The witch gives them a creature, Mokono, that brings them to different worlds at random, but they each have to pay their price, teh most valuable things in their lives. Kurogane has to give her his sword and Fye has to give her his symbol of spells. Without hearing his price, Syaoran agrees to give anything he could. The witch has to take away Sakura's memories of Syaoran from him, still, he agrees.

She gives them the creature, and they are off to another world. Syaoran finds a feather on him, enough to keep Sakura alive for a short while. Mokona has also the powers to sense the feathers of Sakura's, so the trip is easier. Syaoran needs powers to fight for Sakura's life, later he gains powers from a creature of fire, which is one of the strongest. Fye and Kurogane assist Syaoran in the journey and this is just the start of their journey.

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